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AALA NATIONAL DIGITAL EVENTS SERIES: "Covid-19 Well-being Seminar for Adapting to a New Normal: A Change Brain for a Changing World"

  • 09 Jul 2020
  • 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM
  • Online Zoom Session


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Covid-19 has created many changes, uncertainty and even chaos in our lives.

A true reminder of the old saying that: the only constant in life is change. What if this is not just a philosophical statement to guide us through the trials and tribulations of life? What if this is the essence of who we are?

By the time you finish reading this post, your brain has been changed (even may be just slightly) by you because of the new neural connections being formed with the injection of new information and learning. This is the 21st century understanding of our brain thanks to neuroscience.

If we accept that change is the innate base line of our life and know that our brain is designed for change, we are no longer a passive respondent to the external events, but an active agent in shaping our own experiences in the world.

Instead, we can use this seemingly uncertain period of Covid-19 to rest, reflect and reset ourselves for a new normal. In particular, we are empowered to change and can direct our thoughts to what gives us peace and positivity, essentially exercising the brain "muscles" for more peace and positivity.

If you are curious, let's get connected, and we will together learn, experiment and meditate on this new idea with our experience of Covid-19.

For NSW, QLD and VIC members, if this activity is relevant to your immediate or long-term needs in relation to your professional development, professional skills and practice, then you may be able to claim one point per hour of workshop (1 Professional Skills CLE/CPD Point). Please check the CLE requirements in your jurisdiction.

What will we learn:

  • core concepts in neuroplasticity and its relevance in uncertain times such as now
  • the notion of change in various ancient philosophical traditions
  • practical tools to change our mind for cultivating a more beneficial and positive mindset
  • a guided LIVE meditation designed for embracing uncertainty

Who will teach:

Formerly an international student from China, Elva is an Australian-qualified lawyer with a LLM in International Economic Law from Switzerland. She currently works as Corporate Counsel for a Melbourne-based global shipping line. Apart from being a shipping lawyer, Elva is the founder of Peace Lab, which curates and facilitates experiential workshops that synthesise ancient philosophies and contemporary science as a unique agent for cultivating well-being and positive mindset shift. A long-term meditator, trained in laughter yoga and passionate about positive neuroplasticity, Elva is committed to sharing the power of mind and brain for positive change from inside out, as she weaves mindfulness, meditation, play and laughter into Peace Lab workshops. In 2020, Elva commenced a Master in Applied Neuroscience with King's College London to deepen her knowledge about the human brain and mind.

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