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NSW March Madness: Hidden Gems of Family Law

  • 05 May 2021
  • 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Landers & Rogers, Sydney

**Please note that this event has been postponed to 5 May 2021:

As part of NSW March Madness 

join Eleanor Lau, Shayal Autar and Candice Lau 

of Landers & Rogers

for a panel discussion exploring the

Hidden Gems of Family Law

Date: Wednesday 5 May 2021

Time: 5:30 - 6:30pm

Location: Landers & Rogers, Sydney

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As family lawyers, we are often faced with preconceived ideas about what we do. Such preconceptions stem from the notion that family lawyers deal mainly with custody battles, or that all financial settlements result in a 50/50 division.  It is often the case that people do not realise the broad and reach of family law, the range of assets and properties that can be involved when family law issues arise and the Court's extensive powers when it comes to the property of litigants, such as the power to set aside transactions.

Family law is replete with hidden gems when it comes to property settlements as the law requires the parties to identify every interest held (legal or equitable, real or personal), ascribe a value to those interests and then embark upon an analysis of what is a fair division of the asset pool. Aside from the typical real properties held in individual names, interests held in corporations, in partnership, business interests, superannuation, and trusts may all be included when dealing with property settlements and financial issues in family law matters. The list is endless. 

In this interactive panel discussion, Eleanor Lau, Candice Lau and Shayal Autar will discuss and explore the Court's power to alter property interests in family law property settlement matters in order to gain insight into the hidden gems you ought to be aware of when approaching a family law property settlement. 

This session is suitable for lawyers practising in family law or any professional who simply wishes to gain an understanding of how various property structures are treated in family law, the broad reach of family law and high degree of discretion that is applied by the Courts in relation to the alteration of property as between separated parties.

Register by Monday 3 May 2021 to secure your seat in the COVID-SAFE Sydney office of Landers & Rogers.

About Eleanor Lau

Eleanor is an Accredited Family Law Specialist who practises exclusively in family & relationship law. Eleanor assists clients in all areas of family law including property settlement, spousal maintenance, parenting matters, financial agreements, child support, and international family law matters.

Read Eleanor's complete profile here.

About Shayal Autar

Shayal is a lawyer who works exclusively in family and relationship law. In her practise, Shayal works closely with her clients in relation to their complex property matters, parenting arrangements, child support and spousal maintenance.

Read Shayal's complete profile here.

About Candice Lau 

Candice is an Accredited Family Law Specialist and is a collaboratively trained lawyer, practising exclusively in family and relationship law. Candice has particular experience in high net worth financial matters and complex parenting matters. Candice is deeply committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for her clients, whether by resolution or in Court.

Read Candice's complete profile here.

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