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NSW Branch Meeting 2022

  • 21 Nov 2022
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Ashurst


You are invited to register and attend the annual

NSW Branch Meeting 2022

Date: Monday 21 November 2022

Time: 6:00 - 7:30pm

Venue: Ashurst, Sydney 

Online: online attendance is available. 

Light refreshments will be provided. 

Registration is essential to guarantee your seat or your personalised link. 

Registration to attend the NSW Branch Meeting closes midnight Friday 18 November 2022.

Note: The NSW Branch Meeting will be followed by an Ordinary NSW Committee Meeting. This means that if you were not a registered AALA Member by the Friday 4 November, you are still eligible to register to attend, submit your nomination to join the NSW Committee and vote! To do this, just ensure you are a registered member the day before the meeting, meaning by Sunday 20 November 2022.

How to nominate

If you wish to join the NSW Branch Committee (as an ordinary Committee Member, Executive Committee Member or be part of our Subcommittees) you must complete and submit the Nomination Form to wsoon@fjc.net.au 

Your nomination must be submitted by 6:00pm Friday 18 November 2022.

If you wish your Nomination Form to be kept private but still would like to circulate a Candidate Statement to voters, please also submit a separate Statement (in PDF). This should be the same statement as contained in the Nomination Form.

Ways to vote

1. Direct voting, as an eligible member.

2. Proxy voting, you must be an eligible member and submit your vote via an eligible member.

Eligible members have a current AALA Membership (and must not be an Associate Member) by midnight Friday 4 November 2022, and your membership rights must not be suspended for any reason.

Proxy Forms must be submitted by 5:30pm (Sydney time) Sunday 20 November 2022 by email to: wsoon@fjc.net.au  or, in person before the beginning of the Branch Meeting.

Download the Proxy Form here.


Please email to the returning officer: Wai Kaey Soon at wsoon@fjc.net.au 

For complete details, see the NSW Branch Notice here.

Please note: if you would also like to hold a position on the National Executive of the AALA, you must attend and submit your nomination separately. The details of the National Executive AGM can be found on its own event registration page by returning to the 'Events' page of this website. 

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